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Do you want to make money this football season? You’re not alone! About $400 billion is wagered on football games every year, and it’s about time for you to have a piece of the action. If you want to win and earn money on sports betting, turn to The Football Glory Hole. We offer college football and NFL handicapping services nationwide.

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No More Losing Money Betting Football

Sports betting is not a sprint—it’s a marathon. To make a profit by the end of the season, you must be patient and careful in wagering your money. You should gather all the right information, follow a good winning strategy, and bet on the right picks. Sounds time-consuming, right?

Well, if you want to make better betting decisions without spending too much time on analyzing, we’re your go-to guys. Our team has some of the best football handicappers in the industry, and we don’t just pick games based on a hunch or gut feeling. We research and find trends and similarities to make a well-thought-out prediction. Here are some of the things included in our analysis:

  • Statistics
  • Power Ratings
  • Hundreds of Very High-Percentage Historical Situational Data

You can also count on us to help you strategize the way you place your bets. Our team can give you an insight into our money management system, which you can use to become a successful sports bettor

Who We Are

Instead of placing us in the same category as bookmakers, you can think of us as your personal football stockbroker. We do the research and make picks based on detailed analysis and unique betting systems for you. Our team can pick more winners at a higher rate than any competitor does. Let us do all the work so you don’t have to! Just sit back, crack open a cold beer, and watch the money roll in.

We have been in the business for more than 10 years, researching and honing our sports betting skills. Our efforts didn’t go to waste, because we have developed a consistently successful strategy for handicapping and picking college football and NFL games. Do you want to turn your losing streak into a winning one? Trust our football picks and predictions!

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We Make Your Bankroll Grow

Our team offers premium picks for both NFL and college football. During the season, we look for trends in data and carefully handpick games every week. With our tried-and-tested method and eye for patterns, you can fill confident that you bankroll will grow week to week.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Betting Experience!

We aim to take all the work and stress out of the sports betting process. All you’d be left to do is just click and win!

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The Football Glory Hole is famous for its weekly football podcast shenanigans and sports bits. We make each session fun because we think that picking winners and earning money is more enjoyable when all of us drink and laugh together.

Tune in to receive free picks with an analysis! You’ll also get to learn more about your favorite handicapper. We want to connect with you and give you a better idea on how we make our picks. So, every week, we discuss the most recent interesting matchups—helping you understand our choices, predictions, and other betting decisions.

You Never Have to Pay a Bookie Again!

Don't let your sports betting fate be in the hands of bookmakers. Sign up for our premium picks to receive information and tips on how you can make practical, winning bets on your own. You’ll be able to rest easy at night knowing that you’ve made a great pick. On top of that, you won’t have to meet up with a bookie!

Are you ready for the next NFL and college football season? Get one of our subscriptions, and listen to our podcast to fully enjoy the games!

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